5 House Rules for An Organized 2022

As a realtor in East Hampton Connecticut while working with clients from the northwestern part of the state all the way to the shore line, I’ve seen some things. I know that there are many ways to stay organized at home especially with families, structure is everything. Here are a few rules for the new year.


Rule 1: When in doubt, Throw it out!

If you forgot you owned it, you can part with it. I can’t tell you how many seller’s I’ve seen pay thousands of dollars for dumpsters and storage units when they could easily avoid this simply by doing an annual clean out. Start with the places you feel are the most disorderly, or start small with a junk drawer. If you are having trouble throwing it out, my husband can help you; he’s a pro at it. 

As a rule, never throw anything away without first checking with your significant other. I do not sell dog houses and you don’t want to go there. 

Rule 2: Make a List.

When you aren’t sure where to begin, make a list of all the areas you are struggling with. Then focus on one room at a time. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress here. One step at a time, and before you know it it’ll be done. That sounds like a nursery rhyme.  

Rule 3: File the Piles

Are you a pile maker? Do you want to stop making piles of clothes/ bills/ miscellaneous other things? Well friends, the first step is admitting you make piles. Who here is guilty of leaving junk mail on the counter, when you could just as easily throw it away? I’m here to give you permission. Toss it. If you haven’t done so already, try going paperless. Having statements via e-mail also provides you with the search feature to find what you need on the fly without searching through multiple piles. If you are what we call a ‘paper person’ well I’m here with you. Allow yourself one ‘do-later basket, then once a month clear it out. 

Rule 4: Create a Command Center.

If you don’t know what this is think back to star trek… and if you still don’t know it’s okay. You will now. The home command center is a place to locate the things you need for the day and to establish the order for the household. Each child has homework, sports, meetings, and schedules to maintain. Each adult has their schedule, meal planning, tote bags, bills due, etc. You name it, it’s in a central location and it’s ready to go on Monday Morning in time for whatever the morning throws at you. You need to make this space in your home so that your routine exists all in one space and runs like a well-oiled machine. This allows you the relief of not having to guess what is going on next Thursday at 6pm. I recommend the command station be located near the kitchen but also near the entry way, so that you can also hang coats, store backpacks and make it all around functional for your daily life.

Rule 5: Wall Space is usable space!

Consider the option for hooks when possible. So many of us focus on the wall and not what we need from it. Depending on the space, open shelving could add a lot of boho chic while also serving the necessary storage needs. Where are the most under-utilized wall spaces? Bathrooms, entryways and at the landing of stairs. These are the perfect places to steal extra space where it may be needed or maybe just elevate the overall look.  Either way, a blank wall is a white canvas. Fill it with built ins or even think about using a murphy bed in your home office for added sleeping quarters. The walls-the-limit. 

There are so many ways to stay organized but here are a handful. I hope this helps.  If you need a hand, I’m here for you. Message me with all your questions!

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