If you live in Connecticut this Fall, here’s what you NEED to know

Autumn in Connecticut is something special

The summer has sizzled out and the crisp fall air has set in. The leaves start to change and suddenly everyone is scrambling for pumpkin spice and apple cider donuts. Fairs are in full swing and being in New England no one really knows how to dress for the day ahead. I join the majority of residents when I say living in CT is more than just your address, it’s the variety of things to do around the small 169 towns. Each area of CT has something unique, and you’ll find so much to love both at home and beyond. It’s not just about the front doors embellished with mums, gourds, and pumpkins, it’s getting out and seeing the sights! As a realtor and lifelong resident, I know the hidden gems so let me share them with you!!

So, what makes Connecticut extra special at this time of year… here are a few things:

1. Foliage peeps, hikes and views

One of the most awe stopping parts of fall is of course the leaves changing. What kid doesn’t like to play in a pile of leaves? Ironically even though it occurs every year, it still makes us stop and take pictures. It’s special. The colors are never the same twice. If the red, yellow, orange, purple and miscellaneous pantone colors don’t inspire you, then you might need a better view. Here’s a short list of great spots to hike, leaf peep and generally enjoy the great outdoors.

Case Mountain (Entrances are in Manchester & Bolton) This hike overlooks the skyline of Hartford and Manchester. You’ll enjoy panoramic views of the foliage in all its glory!

Devils Hopyard (East Haddam or Salem) This combo waterfall and hike is less challenging but you’ll still enjoy panoramic views of the Eastern CT valley with plenty of leaf peeps.

– If you’re more of a ‘stay in the car and take it all in’ there are some great views driving through Litchfield, Danbury or Granby. There are plenty of views off the beaten path.

Scenic Drives in CT 

Saville Dam (Barkhamsted) is more of a walk than a hike but it offers some pretty fantastic views worth a selfie or two!

The Sleeping Giant (Hamden) another great option for panoramic views.

2. Apples. Apple cider mills, apple picking, apple donuts, apple pie…

I mean really, give us all the apple things. Am I right? Apples are a staple at this time of year, and you know what the doctor says about an apple a day. I’m not sure if doc would agree with the hard cider a day, but it’s kind of like a glass of wine right? Whichever way you choose to consume the apple goodness you are in good company. The towns of Southington and Glastonbury actually have entire events called Apple Festivals, where they celebrate apples… so the hype is real! Generally, the best apple picking is in the central valley corridor, don’t miss out. Fun Fact: there are over 60 apple varieties that grow in CT, that’s a lot of apples!

If you want to partake here are some options!

Apple picking at any of the great orchards around CT is a great family activity or just a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon!

Belltown Orchard (Glastonbury) even has a tractor ride!

Lyman Orchard (Middlefield) offers all sorts of goodies!

Bishop’s Orchard (Madison)

Rosedale Farms (Simsbury

3. The harvest foodie experience

Yes it’s more than just pumpkin spice lattes my friends. It’s the ripe tomatoes, the homemade pies and all the things in between. There’s this whole hand-crafted thing that just makes food taste better. Freshly grown food is such a luxury. Not everyone enjoys planting a garden in the summer and tending to crops, but we all enjoy the rewards of those labors! Farm to table has been a thing for at least a few years now and I can say with full confidence that CT Nutmegger’s are here for it. Foodies assemble!! Here are some go-to Farm to table spots I highly recommend for living your best harvest life!

At the top of the list is Arathusa in Bantam, Litchfield. It’s just the best. I could spend a whole blog post on this restaurant. I’ll sum it up by saying they are a dairy farm, and make this pumpkin molasses ice cream. It’s a game changer.

Osa in Middletown CT. It’s a vibe. The interior is modern- funky and the unique flavors and fresh foods are next level.

Vintage in Colchester is a hidden gem. They do farm to table EVERYTHING, and the flavors are just out of control.

Cava in Southington. A unique dining experience that will be sure to impress your guests. The food is something special but the experience is like no other!

River Tavern in Chester. It’s a whole thing.

This time of year, we watch the summer fade but the fall comes in with the finale show!! Octoberfest. Pumpkin spice. ALL the things we get to love all over again as if we forgot how good they were from last year. Fall in Connecticut is the warmth of the sun during the day, the crisp night air, the foliage colors, the vibrant harvest flavors and of course YOUR home. At home you get to pull out the fall throw blankets, the harvest table runners, and roll out the fall welcome mat once again! The days start to get shorter and we spend more time at home in the evenings gathering with friends and family for various occasions. The flavors of fall are all around CT and can be enjoyed at home and elsewhere no matter which you prefer. Autumn in Connecticut is a lifestyle in and of itself.

In Connecticut the changing seasons give you ALL the warm and fuzzy feelings and I’m here to help you live your best Fall-CT-life! Autumn really is the best time of year to live in Connecticut. It’s all about balancing the joy of your home, and going off the beaten path for great fall fun.

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